MusJe GLOBAL Museum (copyright) is a unique, itinerant Exhibit of Global Arts Traditions that includes Integrated Visual Art and Drama Workshops. This exciting, hands-on museum format is the culmination of Sandra Phillips' thirty plus years of teaching art in such diverse settings as public schools, galleries, theatres and libraries, in both Canada and Indonesia.

The Museum is a personal collection of artifacts from around the world such as textiles, kites, folk toys and musical instruments that is supported by a comprehensive library of research materials about our world's rich and diverse global heritage.  Drawing upon her extensive collection of  global legends, folk tales, myths and contemporary stories, Sandra Phillips collaborates with students and their teachers to weave storytelling magic from the ancient Oral Tradition, which in turn inspires stunning visual art and drama. Art projects culminate in a live performance or exhibit to celebrate the students' artwork. Workshops can extend over a one to ten-day period (or longer), and are excellent  arts-based learning approaches to the Ontario and Quebec Core Curriculum, with a special emphasis on Intercultural Understanding

"The creative process which we call, "Art" is an ancient one. Centuries, indeed millennia ago, our Human Ancestors observed and interpreted the world around them, and within them, through expressions of beauty, awe, heart and soul. They created pyramids from stone, decorative sculptures and utilitarian objects from clay; they painted pictographs on cave walls, wove fibers into textiles and danced to the music of hollowed out wood and bamboo stalks.

 Art is both ancient and contemporary. Our Human traditions and collective imagination are timeless.

There are "modern" definitions of Art that attempt to deconstruct or dissect art in order to justify its very existence. For me, Art needs no justification. It has, and always will be, integral to Life . It is the gateway to WONDER.

 Wonder is the heart and soul of both Life, and the desire to learn about Life's Mysteries."  Sandra Phillips


Museum Workshops                            Shadow Puppet Theatre                                          Global Fabric Art

All Museum Workshops are accompanied by a Passeport GLOBAL Passport (copyright) to the World of Learning. This passport serves as a journal or sketchbook, in which students can write about, or draw, their experiences in the Museum.

The foundation of the Workshop is the Museum Exhibit, that can be set up in whole, or in part, in the Workshop Venue. For pictures of Exhibit Venues and Themes, Click on the the GLOBAL MUSEUM button, above.

Students will enjoy entering the World of Arts Traditions and using the Collection as inspiration for their art projects. Workshops can extend over a one to ten-day period (or longer), depending upon the number of students involved.  For example, five to ten-day projects are aimed at in-depth, collaborative learning projects that can reflect a theme such as the cultural heritage of your school or community.


The Ancient Silk Road:  A Global Art Exchange

Kites for Peace:       "Think globally, act locally"

Light and Shadow:     Shadow Puppet Theatre

Global Celebrations:     Festivals and Holidays

Create A Museum Exhibit:    Art and Research

      *Custom-Designed Workshops: See details below


All Art Workshops are accompanied by research materials that support a wide variety of educational themes such as * Literacy * Science and Technology * Math * Structures * Aerodynamics * Social Studies * Environmental Studies * Geography * History  * Equity and Diversity

Sandra Phillips has taught programs for ESL classes, "at-risk" learners, students with learning and/or physical challenges, Core and French Immersion classes, Gifted Learners and Refugee Students (ABLE ESL Program, WRDSB)

Workshops are conducted in French or English, using a variety of media: Storytelling, Shadow Puppetry, Creative Drama,  Visual Art Techniques such as  paper sculpture (masks, dragons ,pop-ups), "3D" paper folding, chalk pastel art, paper cutting (Chinese and Japanese-style), rice paper batik, collage and mural painting; Textile or Fiber Arts' techniques and Percussion Music (Javanese gamelan orchestra and global rhythm instruments).


Age Levels:  SK-8

Cost of Workshop: $250. minimum per 5 hour day ( check with us about subsidies available through various Arts Education resources such as Inner City Angels (Toronto only ) and Artists in Education (Ontario Arts Council ). Book early for these projects which cover  up to 75% of Artist Fees. You can also access our services by initiating one of our unique Fundraising Activities, described below. Travel  and Prep. Sessions' Expenses may apply.

*Custom Designed Workshops have been created to support numerous themes such as *Empathy *Bullying *Gifted Learners....and more. Additional "Prep" Time Fees apply to these workshops. 

Ms. Phillips' Earth Day Art programs have been awarded First Prize in the Great Art for the Great Lakes schools' competition (Ogden P.S., Toronto) and  have been featured on CBC TV "The Nature of Things" (David Suzuki).


Fundraising Activities

 "Out of Sight" Kite

For "two toonies" ($4.00) you can purchase a  paper kite from Java plus we'll provide you with an amazing Dragon Design art kit that includes * collage art instructions  * coloured tissue paper * kite-related curriculum materials. You'll see slides of a kite-making village in Java, and artist Sandra Phillips will bring her amazing Kite Collection to your school. Funds raised will go towards the purchase of a Javanese gamelan orchestra for Ontario Schools and Art Centres, and will also be included in the CANADA/JAVA SCHOOLS' FUND, a non-profit initiative of contes GLOBAL tales.  Four Classes Minimum per Project. Previous Workshop Pictures available.


Fold a Komodo Dragon

Paper folding is  very popular in Java, where children love to make all sorts of "3D" animals, flowers and other fun things. This brilliantly coloured paper can help your students learn about shapes and structures as well as math connections. The paper comes in packages of 100 assorted colours and includes instructional booklets.    $6. per kit  




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