Curriculum Units


Sandra Phillips has designed an exciting series of  Curriculum Units for Primary Level teachers,  that will enrich and complement your Ontario Curriculum Guidelines.  Each package contains * easy-to- follow Activity Booklets with  * Creative Arts Techniques    * Library and Internet Resources

All Curriculum Units are designed to offer a creative, integrated arts ( storytelling, drama, visual arts)  approach to a wide range of themes, in particular that of intercultural understanding.

Ms. Phillips' extensive research into our Global Heritage has resulted in an extraordinary collection of both cultural artifacts and printed resources on such topics as *Oral Traditions *Cultural Symbols and *Cultural Exchanges (eg:  The Silk Road ).  Her insights into addressing intercultural dialogue in a culturally diverse society, have won her the respect of her artistic peers in Canada and Indonesia, as well as that of educators in both countries.

Curriculum Units are integrated into the Musee GLOBAL Museum (copyright) educational programming and cover such topics as:

  • Global Arts and Traditions

  • The Silk Road and Contemporary Global Cultural Exchanges

  •  Peace and Empathy

  •  Honouring our Global Environment

  •  Social Studies

All packages are age level specific and are based on actual classroom experiences over a thirty year period in diverse school settings such as Inner City schools * ESL programmes * Priority Schools for Refugee Children * "At-risk" schools *"Green" schools *French Language Programmes (Core and Immersion * Rural schools in both Canada and Java, Indonesia

Learning can be a  fun, creative experience!

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