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Storytelling Theatre

The Old Suitcase

Enjoy discovering the many objects contained in this unique old suitcase which has travelled around the world. Each object which Sandra uncovers, including  a fascinating array of folk toys, traditional fabrics and musical instruments, tells a tale about the Earth and its people.

Told in an intimate, participatory fashion, students will enjoy stories from a rich multicultural repertoire, which will enhance their understanding and appreciation of our global heritage. A question-and-answer period will follow the performance.

Featured Stories ( with a global folk traditions theme )

  • "Dragon Tales....East and West"

  • "The Elephant's Bathtub" ( Burma )

  • "Gecko's Complaint" ( Bali )... and more

Length of Performance: 1 hour

Audience Size: 150

Age Level: 7-12 years (* plus special general public performances )

Cost: $200


Shadow Tales

Shadow Tales offers a unique storytelling experience which combines traditional storytelling with shadow puppet theatre. Audiences will delight at the colourful images presented on the beautiful, Javanese-style shadow screen, as tales of fantasy and wonder unfold before their eyes. There will be a question / answer period following the presentation to give children an opportunity to learn more about the wonderful world of shadow puppet art.

Sandra Phillips has studied the ancient art of wayang kulit (shadow puppet theatre) in Java, Indonesia and brings to her performances a fascinating collection of  shadow puppets from Indonesia, India, Thailand, China and Turkey. She also performs using her own unique shadow puppet designs which combine intricate paper cutting techniques with batik painting.


Featured Stories

  • "Wind Weave" (* Limited Engagements for theatre venues, only)

  • "The Moon Dragon" "The Toy That Saved a Village" ( Chinese Kite Tales)

  • "The Flying Becak" ( by Sandra Phillips)

  • "Rama and Sinta" (from an Indian Epic) * Limited Engagements

  • "Kantjil Becomes a Raksasa" (a Javanese Folktale)

Length of Performance: 1 hour

Audience Size: 400 maximum

Age Level: 7-12 years (* plus special general public performances )

Cost: $300              

* Limited Engagements include dancer(s) and musician(s) and are intended for a General Audience (all ages)                                                   Contact us for Pricing


*Addition Travel Expenses may apply to all programs



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