Teachers and Librarians

Special "hands on" workshops in English or French can be designed for inclusion in your PD Day activities or Staff Development programs.

Integrating Art and Drama into various aspects of the Ontario or Quebec Schools'  Curriculum    (eg. Global Arts,  Intercultural Communication, Science & Technology, Equity Themes, Social Studies, Literacy, French Immersion and ESL Studies, Environmental Studies)

Multi-media Storytelling  (Shadow Puppetry, Music and Stories)

Global Traditions and Celebrations: Stories and Folk Art from Around the World

Creative Drama in the Classroom

Designing  a Creative Learning Environment for your classroom

Making Art from Recycled Materials


Sandra Phillips' workshops for adults, have been presented at:

IMAGINE 2004 Arts and Literacy Conference   for Teachers ( keynote speaker )

Puppeteers of America Festival ( Multi-media Storytelling )

Adult Continuing Education Programs  (Storytelling, Theatre Improvisation Techniques, "Fun With French")

PD Day Special Events Workshops (Toronto, Peel, Upper Grand, Waterloo Region Boards of Education)

International Language Symposium (Toronto Board of Education)

Adult ESL Schools

ETT (Elementary Teachers of Toronto) Conference 2007/8


Sandra Phillips has been invited as Guest Lecturer at a number of respected universities in Canada and abroad.  Her extensive research into, and practical applications of Arts' Pedagogy in Canada and Indonesia reflect her ongoing concerns for grassroots education practices that are wholistic in nature and that honour the diverse cultural heritage of Canadian children.

Sandra's ongoing relationship with Java and Bali, Indonesia, has earned her the unofficial title of "Cultural Ambassador" between Canada and Indonesia, as reflected in the Canada-Indonesia Bilateral Celebrations' hardcover book , "Friendship Beyond Borders" published in 2003.  Her lectures have included:


University of Guelph &  University of Toronto ( Javanese Wayang Kulit Theatre and the  role of Gamelan Music )

University of Waterloo (Javanese Wayang Kulit Theatre)

ISI National Performing Arts' Institute, Java (Guest Foreign Lecturer, Promoting  Intercultural Arts' Collaborations and Sharing Pedagogical Theory and Practice in Wayang Kulit Theatre)                      Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts

University of Guelph ( "Kedamaian": The Role of the Arts in Promoting Peace and Compassion)                                                                                                      Based upon the International  Collaborative Exhibit, "Kedamaian"  with artists Anna Niblic Heggie, Australia and Bundhowi, Indonesia

University of Waterloo Peace and Conflict Studies Department (The Role of Arts in Promoting Peace)

University of Toronto MUSICA FICTA! Conference on Engagements and Exclusions in Music, Education and the Arts (Wayang Kulit Theatre and Gamelan Music:  a Canada/Indonesia Perspective)        Supported by the Ontario Arts Council


Canada/Indonesia Bilateral Celebrations: "Friendship Beyond Borders"  Sandra  Phillips: An Intercultural Theatre Biography

American Puppetry Association: "Creating a "3D" Environment in your Classroom

Ontario Puppetry Association:  "Wayang Kulit Theatre Studies: Java, Indonesia"   " Raven's Song: Shadow Puppet Theatre Project"   " Chinese Shadow Puppet Theatre Tradition and Applications in an Ontario School"

Toronto Board of Education:  Curriculum Design for Heritage Language Program Pedagogy ( The Role of Arts in Teaching Language )

The Role of the Arts in Peace Education:  work-in-progress

Length of Workshop or Lecture: 1/2 or full day

Cost: Teacher/Librarian Union or Association Rates

Number of Participants: Negotiable

1-2 hour lectures can be custom-designed to suit  your needs. Fees available upon request

Coming in 2008... Motivational Speaker Sessions inspired by Sandra's thirty-seven years as a Professional Artist, Arts' Educator  and International Arts' Practitioner.  These sessions will reflect her playful , humorous and hands-on approach to motivating both Young People and Adults to be valued, respected members of their arts and educational communities. Excellent for * ESL learners and teachers  * Gifted learners * Special Needs and "at-risk" Learners

Sandra Phillips   BFA Hons;   Arts Education Teacher Certification (Faculty of Education, York University & Ontario Arts Council);  ISI National Performing Arts Institute, Indonesia (Certificate in Pedalangan Studies);  TESOL-certified


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